Help Us 3D Print PPE


PerceptionLabs has begun using our resources to print PPE for those in need within our community. We are coordinating with members of the USC Keck School of Medicine and hospitals in the area to ensure we're printing what is the most needed and functional.


All donations will go directly towards 3D printing more PPE for front line medical workers in our area (Southern California). All of the PPE we create is donated directly to the hospitals for free. Please help us scale up the PPE supply chain for those in need!


Why are we using an ecommerce platform instead of GoFundMe?

When fundraising through GoFundMe, approximately 8% of the donations go to credit card processing fees and platform commissions. By using this ecommerce platform we only pay the standard rate (<3%), meaning more of your money can go directly to PPE material. We plan to cover any additional processing fees on our end so 100% of your donation will go towards making PPE for those in need.

What PPE are you focusing on printing?

The feedback we've received so far is that face shields and reusable respirators are the most needed and useful. For the respirators, we are following these instructions given by our contacts at the Keck School of Medicine. For the face shields, we are following these instructions provided by Prusa, a leading company in 3D printing.

How can I help?

Currently, donating is the easiest way. We already have multiple 3D printers and a well established pipeline for managing and monitoring prints. Our main limiting factor is purchasing supplies to scale up the process and increase output. If you know of hospitals in dire need, please email so we can keep up to date on who needs the PPE the most and make sure we're distributing effectively.

What exactly will my money go towards?

A vast majority will go to bulk purchasing PLA filament (the spools of plastic material that 3D printers use to create things). If we receive enough funding, we may purchase additional 3D printers or replacement parts to further increase our output. No money will go towards our time and we will not charge any hospitals or PPE recipients for anything we make.

Have another question?

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